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    The Japanese-American Experience



This web page is designed to inform and educate the public about the Japanese-American experience, and how internment has effected the Japanese American community.

Japanese began emigrating to the United States in the 1890's for more economic and social stability. Large numbers went to Hawaii and to the main land, predominantly California. Many were single young men "without family ties"  (Daniels, Concentration Camps  USA)

The first generation called themselves Issei (combination of 'one' and 'generation') retained their Japanese identity and loyalty. The second generation were known as Nisei and were more assimilated into American culture.

This hard working ethnic group for reasons of race, became a target of the American government during the Second World War for internment, on the basis of security reasons. 110 000 Japanese Americans, 70 000 of which were American citizens were evacuated form their homes, and detained under military guard in internment camps.

This experience made a significant impact on the Japanese American community, the effects of which are still felt today. 






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