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Emma and Caroline were walking down the street one day when they saw Vile Jon coming at them across the street. He saw them, recognized them, smiled sleazily and said "Woooooooooord, ma girlies!" The two of them shuddered involuntarily. Suddenly, just as Vile Jon started to evilly embrace the two innocent chickens in a stupid white boy manner, out of the clear blue sky flew our two super heroes, to save the day: Rohit the Red and Don Fernando Martin del Campo. "We're here to save you!" yelled Rohit inaudibly at Vile Jon. But Vile Jon did not hear him because he was too quiet. He heard Don Fernando, though, who was weilding his machete and rifle quite conspicuously, flailing his arms around his sombrero. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, you fucking bastard!" yelled Fernando. Together with Rohit they pummeled Vile Jon into the ground, then whisked our two blonde heroines to a safer place.