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Tule Lake




Tule Lake was the center where the 'disloyal' Japanese were segregated from so called 'loyal' Japanese Americans. The center was chosen because of it' size, and the fact that it already had such a large number of 'disloyals'. The WRA believed that the segregation of the 'loyal' from the 'disloyal' would help to relieve tension in the camps. However, it did anything but. Many loyals decided to actually stay at Tule because they were tired of being moved around, or that they did not want to leave California. However for some the incentive to stay at Tule lay with the fact that there was a fear among internees that they would be forced out of the camps and into a hostile society. There was a lot of confusion and discontent at Tule Lake, and at times there was violence, and for two months the army had to take over the running of the camp, because the WRA could not handle the situation. There were five categories of 'disloyals' at Tule Lake. The first were those Japanese Americans who had applied for repatriation to Japan. Secondly expatriates, those Japanese Americans who had applied for removal to Japan. Thirdly, any internees who had answered in the negative for the loyalty questionnaire. The fourth were a mixture of people who had been denied the right to leave by the WRA  for a variety of reasons. Finally the fifth group were those who had been recommended by the Department of Justice for internment.