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                                    He Who Must Not Be Named...

            Lord Voldemort


                            Tom Marvolo Riddle. You-Know-Who. The Dark Lord. Why is he so intriguing?


         He is back. He has a body. His powers are almost completely restored. Wizards of every age shudder to hear his name; even the Death Eaters dare not pronounce it. Each book in the series is guided by the shadow Lord Voldemort casts. He is evil and detested, yet at the same time, it would be false to say that he is not interesting...

          Evil always seems somehow...glamorous. It's a perverse attraction that exists despite its ominous-ness. We root for Harry and Dumbledore, yet we have a strange respect and anticipation of Voldemort's presence in each book.


                              Excerpts that make your blood run cold...

Strange Likenesses

Voldemort's Rebirth


Tom Riddle


                       A Dark Life

Back! Back! Back I say!