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News, Updates, Events

3/21-- Ok, I realize it's been a long long time since I changed anything around here, but personally, I blame it all on college. In any case, I'm back to sweep out the cobwebs, update and renew as much as possible. Soon I hope to start a weblog elsewhere on the Web, and when that happens, naturally there will be a link provided so you can visit me there too! As far as Harry Potter goes, I can't wait until the next book comes out. Not quite as psyched about the movie, but that will definitely be a high point of this year also. I was rather saddened to hear about the lawsuits Warner Bros. were trying out on fellow Potter-webmasters and I applaud their determination. I, luckily, was not singled out.

 Anyway, I'm in the midst of doing an all-around check-up on the info of all my Potter pages, so look around. Happy surfing!


8/23-- AK! I just finished reading Book 4 a few days ago and I've realized just how much everything has flippin' changed since I last worked on this page! Everything needs work and I want to make a new section completely dedicated to Book shield unsuspecting wizard surfers from blundering into a mine-field of spoilers. I, of course, won't say anything here since I personally hate spoilers, especially since I received one in an email that revealed to me who died in Book 4 before I got to reading it. So please please please don't assume that everyone knows already. Be conscientious, people. Anyway, keep coming back for pending changes! Bookmark me and visit in a month! May the magic be with you until we meet again-- and keep giving me suggestions! --Ula

 6/15-- Well, I'm not out in the wilderness yet and I realized that while I'm gone, I'd love it if I could get some worldly suggestions for new content. Everywhere that I'm not done I've put "under construction" dividers to signify that I'm still working on it and not to freak out if the links aren't up yet. I would really like some suggestions-- especially about the Gryffindor and Slytherin home pages: what should I put there? I'll be brainstorming, but I could use a little help. I also hope to make a "magical animals" reference page, but that is in the works up in the ole noggin' for now...;)

 6/8-- Hey! Well, seems like July 8th is almost upon us(!!). Unfortunately, I will be out in southern Pennsylvania, literally roughing it out working at Girl Scout resident camp at the time, buuut...I have already reserved my own copy of book four! From the looks of it, seems like Harry's image has gotten revamped and I'm totally ready for an older, cooler, cuter Harry Potter!

 One cool thing going on for the welcoming party for Book IV is an awesome costume party at Borders Books and Music. Check your local Borders and see what they've got going on. If you live in or near Frederick, MD, be sure to dress as your fave character from the book and head over to Borders's awesome "Midnight Party," beginning at 11:30 pm July 7th!

 As far as updates go...I know it's been a while and that a lot of the pages are unfinished but hey! I just graduated, cut me some slack! I'll try to put up as much as possible before heading out into the wilderness, and then, until after August 13th, there won't be anything new...;((( Sa-wee... But enjoy for now!