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Thank You!

I want to personally thank all the people who were kind enough to make sites with animated gifs and backgrounds-- they have made my undertaking a thousand times easier and cooler.

My greatest thanks go out to "Dave" at for compiling such an awesome page of links and everyone who is linked to that page! Unfortunately, that page no longer exists, probably owing to the fact that when I began making my page, it was 1999/2000 (which is a long time in cyber history). A huge thanks to "Steph's Gifs 'n Stuff" page, "Button Bullets and Backgrounds" page and "Rose's Animated Gifs" page. Their pages may no longer be out there, but the graphix live on.

I would also like to thank all the people whose graphics I used and apologize for not asking permission first. If I have seriously offended anyone, please email me.

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