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Unanswered Questions

     So, we've all noticed stuff in the books that stump us, pique our curiosity, and leave us constantly questioning. Here I pose some questions that are constantly in the back of my mind....
New from Book 4...

~What is up with the sadistic little "twinkle" in Dumbledore's eyes in Book 4? Rowling wouldn't have put that in there without a reason!

~And what is the meaning of having Lily and James Potter come out of Harry's wand in the wrong order?

~ What exactly did Lily and James Potter do before they were killed-- why were they "meddlesome"??? Did they have some kind of special powers...there must be something!

~ What did Voldemort actually look like when he was at the height of his  powers-- as in, physically? What exactly do "magical transformations" actually entail??

~ Did Harry really survive Voldemort's curse because of his mother's love? Can he really only speak Parseltongue because Voldemort put his own powers into Harry? Or is there something else...? I hope so!

~ What on earth does Bill do at Cairo for Gringotts! There's never been any more detail than that-- there must be something!

~ What kind of stuff will Harry & Co. be able to do once they get into the higher levels of wizarding-- is it possible to do high magic without the aid of a wand??

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