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The Mystery...the Mystique...

In Other Words:"

It Makes No Sense!


          There are some things in the Harry Potter series that just don't seem to make much sense, that don't really fit on my "facts & fiction" page (which has rather a comic undertone in any case!). This particular page is dedicated to some strange incongruities that I would rather give Rowling the benefit of the doubt about (as in, she probably has figured it out somewhere along the line) but that I just don't understand!

      1) We know that Dumbledore seems to know everything (like the fact that Harry is at the Weasley's in Book 2, etc), but how much exactly does he know? He doesn't know that Peter Pettigrew is Scabbers or that any of the others (James Potter & Sirius Black) are Animagi. He doesn't know that the note summoning him to the Ministry of Magic is false in Book 1, yet even Harry realizes that Dumbledore knows that Harry, Hermione and Ron are about to figure out about the Sorcerer's Stone. If Dumbledore knows the Stone is in danger, why didn't he do something? And why on earth did he hire Quirrell? Because there wasn't anyone else for the job? Sounds fishy.

    2) That glint in his eye! There is a "glint of triumph" in Dumbledore's eye in the end of Book 4 when Harry says that Voldemort could touch him--that the charm sealed by Lily Potter's sacrifice into Harry's very skin no longer works. Why would Rowling say it was "triumphant" gleam--that implies a certain happiness on the part of Dumbledore, when he shouldn't be happy at all. Yet in Book 5 it is obvious that Dumbledore is the good guy, that he loves Harry, that he wants to bring about the fall of Voldemort as much as anyone else. But then again, if Dumbledore is the only one Voldemort ever feared well...that makes things suspicious once again. However, I have to fall back on what Hermione says in Book 5, although it was said in reference to Snape: "If we can't trust Dumbledore, who can we trust?"


Lily & James Potter

    1) We all know that Voldemort killed James Potter before heading upstairs to kill Harry, where he killed Lily Potter instead. James, then Lily. Even Voldemort says this to Harry in Book 1 when they meet at the very end. BUT in Book 4 Harry and Voldemort's wands "duel" in a manner of speaking and Voldemort's wand shows the last 20 or so spells/curses it performed in reverse order. Which means that Lily Potter should come out before James because but...she doesn't. James Potter comes out before Lily which is problematic if he died before her. How can this be????

    2) What on earth were Lily and James's jobs?? It must have been lucrative because they left behind a load of money for Harry right? Granted, maybe it would have been so much money if they were still alive, paying off a mortgage to Gringotts and taking proper care of Harry for 11 years, but still, the impression is that it's a lot of money. The impression also is that James Potter, whatever else anyone could say against him, was also a powerful wizard. Piques the curiosity, doesn't it?


Death & the Veil

   In book 1, Dumbledore tells Harry that "to the well-organized mind, death is just the next great adventure." It's something that seems to be forgotten entirely by book 5 when the death of Sirius, of course, is weighing heavily on Harry's mind in the end, as well as probably the fact that he must kill Voldemort or be killed, along with countless others. In book 5 we also see the veil that once you cross it, you never come back. So was Sirius dead from Bellatrix's curse as I had originally thought, or did he only die because he fell behind the veil? Perhaps if he hadn't falled behind the veil, he would have been alright. And...what happens when a wizard dies? What is the "next great adventure"?????


Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle

   Of course I have to touch on Voldemort. In Chamber of Secrets, we learn, by implication almost, that Tom Riddle is Salazar Slytherin's heir, but not much else about their connection. They are both parceltongues and of course we all know that Slytherin is noted as churning out the most wizards and witches that have gone bad. And Harry could have been in Slytherin. Even though he chose Gryffindor. Was it only because of that connection to Voldemort? I think we haven't heard that last of the old Hogwarts histories of its four founding mothers and fathers...


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