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Documentation of  Dark Life.....

Here ye shall find the facts of Voldemort's life, insofar as the text tells us, as well as a few telling observations....
~Voldemort is born Tom Marvolo Riddle. We know his Muggle father abandoned his witch mother before he was born, when he found out that his wife(?) was a witch. She dies during or right after the birth, and he is left to be brought up in a Muggle orphanage.
~It takes Riddle five years to figure out how to command the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, but he finally does, as we know, and he is the heir of Salazar Slytherin
~Riddle is a school prefect at Hogwarts and Head Boy. Apparently most professors were quite taken with him, except for Dumbledore. But Dumbledore does admit that Riddle was probably one of the most brilliant students ever to come through the doors of Hogwarts.
~Riddle is handsome but after leaving Hogwarts, he goes through "magical transformations." Obviously these change him hugely, the least of which was, apparently, his appearance.
~Riddle tells Harry that already at school, Riddles closest friends were calling him Voldemort. (Voldemort had close friends!?)
~Ollivanders mentions that Voldemort's wand (which is "brother" to Harry's) is made of yew. Yew is a tree with poisonous berries, and its wood was once used for arrow making. In Norse mythology, the yew tree is the tree of death.
~According to Dobby, Voldemort's "reign of terror" lasted eleven years.
~...we know that Voldemort was banished when Harry was but one year old. We also know that Book 2 takes place in 1992 (through Headless-Nick's 500th death-day tombstone which states that his death was Oct. 31, 1492). Therefore Voldemort attacked the Potters in 1981, and his "reign of terror" began in 1970. He was 16 fifty years before Book 2, which would have been 1942, so Riddle would have been born in 1926.