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It's A Charmed Life of the things I love best about Harry is how for 400 pages I can also have magical powers; I wave the wands, cast the spells, recite the chants, make the potions... So, for  those out there who likewise need magic in their daily lives, I have constructed here for your enjoyment a list of "known" charms and spells...



"Lumos!" --creates a light at the end of one's wand
"Nox!" --just the opposite of "Lumos": it makes the light at the end of one's wand go out
"Expelliarmus!" --Disarming Charm: causes an object held by another to fly out of his/her hands
"Obliviate!" --Lockhart's infamous Memory Charm: causes a person to forget either certain things or everything depending on intention
"Rictusempra!" --Tickling Charm (self-evident)
"Tarantallegra!" --causes a person to dance furiously
"Finite Incantatem!" --stops all pending charms
"Serpensortia!" --causes a snake to appear
"Expecto Patronum!" --summons a  Patronus, especially useful in warding off Dementors (really just about the only thing that works against them)
"Mobilicorpus" --levitates a (presumably) inert or unconscious person
"Ferula" --bandages/puts on a splint onto a wounded appendage
"Dissendium!" --rids the Marauder's Map of all traces of its true nature
"Riddikulus!" --gets rid of a boggart when accompanied with a thought that makes the boggart's form ridiculous to the wizard
"Mobiliarbus!" --moves a heavy object
"Impervius!" --makes glass impervious to water
"Orchideous!" --causes a bunch of flowers to come out from the end of a wand
"Sonorous!" --when said pointing one's wand at one's throat, causes one's voice to be magnified hugely
"IMPERIO" --the Imperius Curse (one of the Unforgiveable Curses), allows one wizard to control another wizard's actions
"ENGORGIO" --the Cruciatus Curse (U.C.), causes another person intense pain
"AVADA KEDAVRA" --the most powerful of the Unforgiveable Curses: in the hands of the powerful wizard who can weild it, it kills its victim (aka Killing Curse)
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