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Hmm...Nuthin' to Do...

Well I know that if you're anything like me, you'll have ripped through Book 5, and having already re-read Books 1 through 4 in preparation for the Next Big Installment in the series, you are left empty-handed for a while. But that doesn't meant that boredom is yours now and until Book 6 (ooh, I get shivers just thinking about the next books!)...

Take your destiny into your own hands and let the creative juices flow! Here I have some suggestions on what to do in all that free time...

Future Hemingways and Brontes, look here!

How about writing a chapter from Gadding with Ghouls or The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle??

Write a poem in honor of one of the characters-- how about a limerick about Filch or a haiku about Draco? Test your writing abilities!

Write a one-act play using the characters from the novel and write yourself in-- what would you say to Harry and Hermione if you really met them?!


Feeling like Renoir or Picasso?

Take a turn at drawing Harry & Co. If you get bored or frustrated, try different styles: impressionistic, surreal, medieval with an illuminated caption...Have fun with it!

Illustrate your own cover for each book...take a look on the web at the covers for each country's version. Even the British versions have different covers to the American version. See how different people approached the task and see if you can come up with something better!

Draw your favorite scene. Maybe it's Harry doing a flying loop on his broom, or maybe its the Boggart Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothes....


Calling all Composers!

Here's a really neat idea: create a soundtrack for your favorite book! Figure out what kind of music should be playing during a great feast, a Quidditch match, when Hermione hugs Ron, when the Dementors appear, or when Dobby shows up!

By all means, if anyone decides to do any of these ideas, please email me your creations! I don't know about the music, but you can definitely attach a picture or story to an email!
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