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Hawaiian Japanese



 Despite the fact that the large majority of those who had immigrated form Japan had mainly settled in Hawaii, very few were actually interned form there. One of the main reasons for this , which highlights the racism, rather than a real security risk, behind the internment program, was that Hawaiian Japanese formed such a large section of the population therefore it was not economically viable to intern them. There had been pressure from the mainland to intern the Hawaiian Japanese. In fact Commanding General Emmons, (who was in charge of imposing martial law in Hawaii) although technically not opposing the plan for evacuation,  he felt that it was an impractical scheme to be carried out in Hawaii, and only a very few were ever interned to the mainland. Considering that Hawaii is closer to Japan than the mainland of the US, in theory Hawaiian Japanese would have been the obvious choice for internment. In addition to this because the Hawaiian Japanese American  formed such a large section of the population it was not as easy to target them as a minority group.